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[41] Album Cover.


We got to play around with learn how to use all the studio lights today and therefor got to shoot a lot! At one point in the day our challenge was to shoot as many poses as we could in 15 minutes. Sounds stressful, but it was great. I shot that top pic of Kayte and we all agreed it looked like an album cover. Just have to imagine her with a guitar… See? Superstarrrrr (she went to theater school, so it’s not a far off idea, actually).

Emily & I matched today. Black & white stripes. Didn’t even plan that. Holla.

New blog feature:
Things I did today and realized after-the-fact I learned it from my mother:
– When shopping, always go straight to the sale rack.
– Balsamic vinegar makes everything tastes better.
– Feeling bad? Go on a run.

Happy Wednesday, chaps.


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  1. 08/11/2011 8:05 am

    haha those are three very true and helpful things that mom taught us. maybe we should write a thank you note…

  2. Tia permalink
    08/12/2011 12:19 pm

    HA, I like that idea! Love yo pics! Oh, and you too.

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