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Alrighty, chaps, have I got some newwwwwws for you. I, Stephanie Rita, have a new job. Oh, don’t you worry, I’m still designing pretty wedding invitations. But I got a second job, solely so I can pay for my coffee addiction (and other more important things, such as, oh, rent.)

ANYWAYS. Where is this new job, you may or may not be asking me (aka: your computer screen). It’s at the Atrium Mall in Chestnut Hill, at Portrait Simple, a fairly good sized chain photography studio in the North East. Now I know what your thinking: Studio photography? Yep. Studio photography. I was hesitant to apply for this job because it basically goes against everything I believe as a photographer: that pictures should be captured in a comfortable setting, with natural lighting, filled with lots of genuine smiles. BUT. Like I said. I can’t go a day without buying coffee, so I needed another job to help out (I’m kidding, I hope you know that.)

No, but honestly, I’m really excited. For everything: To learn more about this end of the photography spectrum that I don’t know much about (slash I don’t know anything about (yeah, how did I get this job)). To make some new friends (coworkers I’ve already met seem really fun). To go shopping everyday at the Anthropologie that’s literally next door (okay, so that won’t be happening, but a girl can dream. I stopped in today just to look, which made it my first ever visit to an Anthro store. Don’t judge.). To do something I love EVERYDAY (well, mostly everyday, depends on my schedule). To take pictures of adorrrrrable little sleeping babies in baskets (did I mention adorable?). To get more awesome at photography than I already am (sarcasm).

Today was first day of training. There are two “new hires” as they called us, me (obvsy) and a girl named Emily. The two supervisors took us downstairs to the coffee shop and treated us to whatever (chai, duh) (ah! fueling my addiction already!) and went over the training manual for about an hour. Then we took the studio tour, met some of the people working, went through the “book an appointment” software, and lots of other things. It’s PET MONTH (as you can see from the picture)! So there was a fluffy little puppy there that I got to play with.

Well, that’s enough parentheses for today.

Also: T-minus TWO DAYS ’til an epic reunion of the Syracuse kind (but not in Syracuse. In Rhode Island). Oh yeah, and our friends Abby & Sam are getting married. I guess that’s important, too. =)


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  1. Tia permalink
    08/04/2011 9:19 pm

    It is your sister and aunt here. We have giggled and smiled over that post and are both very excited for you! VERY EXCITED:) Personally (this is meg) I want to come play with the puppies because they are cute! So congrats and we love you!!

  2. Kate permalink
    08/04/2011 10:51 pm

    Frappe: Awesome! That will be such a challenge of the new and exciting kind! Devon and I are super excited for our RI Syracuse reunion, too. Jon Han and Andrew I came over for dinner tonight and it felt like the most natural thing on the planet. Can’t wait to see you!

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