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[2//34] A Day in the Life.


This is nowhere close to my day. My day has been soooo long, and it ain’t over yet. Anyways, I realize that I never talk about what I do at my super awesome job. Welp, here are some cell phone pics to help me explain.

1. Wrap invitations once with textured purple ribbon, and again with flat satin pink ribbon. x 125. I only got through 56 today.
2. Cut out 5×5 (or were they 6×6) save-the-dates. x 150. Don’t worry, there’s a fancy machine that helps.
3. Count, count, count. Don’t want to forget anyone. Half of them are being sent to England, so naturally I read the addresses to myself in a British accent. =) And the ones to Australia? Yep, you guessed it.
4. Stop for some refreshing green tea in the greenhouse-esque coffee shop in Post Office Square. Good stuff.

And now, I run. For the first time since FRIDAY. Slackerrrrrrrr.


P.S. No I didn’t get punched in the eye, I’m just really, really tired. =( Sleeping a lot tonight.

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