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[2//26] Neverland.


Dear Stephanie Appleby. This picture of the day is dedicated to you. I came across these blank postage labels stuck to a bridge while walking around Boston earlier tonight. They reminded me of the time we stole a few from Steve and proceeded to stick them all over the Warehouse and write funny messages on them. So tonight, naturally, I grabbed a pen from my purse and wrote the first thing that came to mind (is that vandalism?). I don’t know why Neverland came to mind, but whatevs, I like it. And I like you. And I miss you. And you’re great. Kthanks.

The third of three bridesmaid dresses came in the mail today! I tried it on a felt like a princess.


And for a little more fun:

[that’s quotable]

“I would bite my all my nails off one week before I need them to look pretty.” – text to Reba.

Me: “I’m lonely.”
Snaps: “Ditto. Want some juicy gossip?”
[bahaha love her]

“I tried running around a track recently & legit got dizzy.” -Me, discussing running & how much I hate tracks & treadmills.


Ok, that’s enough. =)

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  1. Tia permalink
    07/27/2011 1:59 pm

    ooh, I wish you weren’t lonely, but remember you are never alone. Praying helps, and connecting with your guardian angels!
    Love you.

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