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[fyi//26] mostly food. double whammy.


Hey friendlies. Today’s post is going to be longer than normal, mostly because last Monday I skimped on the inspiration-y post, and also because I forgot to post a doodle on Friday. Like, legit forgot ’til about 42 minutes ago. SO! You’re getting a fair amount of both today. First up, inspiration in the form of mostly food, because A) I’m hungry B) all these pictures were really pretty and C) I just really like food, ‘specially the healthy stuff.

1. What a beautiful, colorful and freakin’ adorable way to serve birthday cake. Eee! I just wanna eat it up! I found it on Pinterest and couldn’t find a credit link =( I hate posting without one, but it was too cute.
2. Anthropologie calls the brown color of the shirt “clay”, and I really like it paired with that darker green. On it’s own it might be a little too earthy for me. Although I did recently buy a pair of linen shorts in a similar color. Anyways, the point is, I really like that necklace. =) From Anthro.
3. Cucumber cups. Fill ’em with anything. This one from Lemons & Anchovies is filled with caramelized onions. I’d probably choose hummus, or peanut butter or something else weird.

4. Forgot where I first saw this, but it’s been floating around the interwebs for a few days. Typography made from exploding paint. Seriously wicked sweet. Take a closer look at the videos here.
5. This is from Design*Sponge (duh, every great before/after tutorial is). A wall “refurbished” with salvaged wood. I love the collage-y feel, and all the random colors mixed together. I’d really love to know the story behind every piece of wood there.
6. More food! Hollaaa! Edamame hummus, people. Can it get better than that? NO. Making this soon. From Spearmint Kitchen. Soon to be from Stephanie’s Kitchen. (Haha, wait. That’s an oxymoron.)

7. Orangy lemony sunshiney slushie of a drink. Sounds fab. From The Meaning of Pie. Great blog name, btdubs.
8. DIY cool bracelets from Honestly WTF. Looks suuuper easy. Maybs I’ll do this someday…. You know, I think I’m going to make a point of wearing more bracelets. Just because.
9. Use pretty stamps to make pretty imprints on your cookies! What a superb idea! I mean, because I bake cookies allllll the time… =) No but really. This is cool. From Country Living.


NOW for the double whammy side of things: t.w.a.y’s first ever DOODTORIAL! (That’s a doodle tutorial for those of you who didn’t catch that clever mash-up of words.) Fun Fact: My doodling career started in 8th grade in Mr. O’Mara’s American History class. What did I doodle? These here flowers! Same ones! So, do(odle) it up, kiddos. You know you wanna.

Did you like that? Did it make you want to doodle? Can you read my handwriting? Should I do more of these guys? Lemme know.

Glad ya made it through this mad long post. Have a faaab day.


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  1. 07/25/2011 9:31 am

    Yes, do more of them!

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