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[Family] Fauske Girls.


This one is a special one.

A few weeks ago Jen asked if I’d do a family photo shoot with her and her girls, and obviously I said yes! So this past Tuesday I spent the day at Camp Spofford with Jen, Abby, Elise, Lindsay & I snapping pictures while hitting all the hot spots of Camp. The little girls were SO great at thinking of ‘poses’ and making each other laugh. Not to mention all four of them are gorgeous! Take a look:

Big sis Abby taking care of her little sisters.

Miss Abby, who, throughout the whole shoot kept asking “When can I put my hair back up?” but ABBY! You are gorgeous with your hair down!

Littlest of the three, Lindsay. She’s the one who made everyone laugh all afternoon. So adorable.

Elise totally rocked the ‘posing’ aspect of the shoot! She’s a natural. And beautiful!

Girl talk in the grass.

“Go hug Mom!” And as a result, hands down, fave group picture of the day. Love. It.

We played a little shuffleboard (Their idea! Good one!)

“Alright, push the shuffles towards me, but not too hard, please!” (I was laying on the ground. It could have been dangerous, but they were nice to me.) (Also: I’m pretty sure those aren’t called ‘shuffles’. What are they anyways?)

On the infamous red covered bridge! I had some help from Dan Lee who was standing behind me, making them all laugh. =)


Haha, see how fun they are?

Another fave.

The lake is one of the best parts of Camp, so we took advantage of it’s awesomeness.


And one last one, just for fun :)

Jen, Abby, Elise & Linds: I had a great time with you last week! Thank you so much for being beautiful and smiley and fun to be around. Love you all <3


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  1. 07/24/2011 3:49 pm

    They are called discs Stephy.


  2. Amy: The Vowel permalink
    07/24/2011 4:54 pm

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Gorgeous! I can’t believe how big they are! When i first met them i could pick up all three at the same time. :) Heehee.
    Great pics steph. You really captured these girls! :)

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