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[7.17.2011] Liza & Kirk : Married!


“Plain & simple: he’s the love of my life.”

That’s what Liza told me while I hugged her goodbye on Sunday night as her wedding was winding down. Her and Kirk planned such a gorgeous day, and as beautiful as everything was, there were two things that will make me remember their wedding for a long time: The first thing being Liza & Kirk’s love for each other. You’ll see it in the pictures; it was so real & visible & emotional. And the second thing was my awesome family. This was a reunion for us and boy do we always have fun. So, enjoy these pictures from this wonderful day we had on Sunday.


The family all met up in the parking lot of the hotel. It was swelteringly hot outside (around 95 degrees), so the four guy cousins stood in the shade for a bit. All while lookin’ quite dapper (especially that swordfish tie, Uncle Larry).

Annnnd… the venue! The Colony House in Kennebunk, Maine. How insanely gorgeous is this place?! Overlooking the ocean. Perfect.

Moira & I went on a little photo adventure before the ceremony started. Doesn’t she look like a natural?

Patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin.

There are no words for how much joy was on Kirk’s face the whole entire day. Especially here, as he watches his bride walk down the isle.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s breath was taken away when Liza walked in. I love that her brother escorted her to the alter.

Courtney comforts Liza’s mom. Sweetest thing ever.

Liza, you are stunnnnnning.

Part of the ceremony included reading letters they had written to each other. Um, I’m gonna be honest. I criiiiiied. They were so sweet and lovely and full of memories. Like in Liza’s letter to Kirk: “I had had a rough day, so you surprised me with flowers and my favorite scented candle. And you did it by biking 5 miles to my house because you were car-less.” =)

So many smiles.

Love their height difference =)

My sister and I unintentionally (okay, more intentionally than not) followed the newlyweds and the photographer down to the beach … and I couldn’t help but take a few shots. Then we assisted in holding Liza’s train so it didn’t get sandy.

And then Meg & I had our own five minute photo shoot.

Cocktail hour. Full of fabulous people.

The bridal party getting ready to make their entrance.

Friggen amazing cake detail!

Starfish seating tags. Lovely, lovely details.

The best man (Kirk’s brother Toby) and maid of honor (Liza’s friend Erika) speeches! (Mmm.. I cried again during those.)


First dance! So many smiles!

Gorgeous, yummy foods. There were, like, 5 courses. And every part was amazing. But the best? The mini cheesecake squares for dessert (yes, after the cake). Ohhh my heavens.

Meg and I went down to the beach after dinner and I recognized these two from the wedding, so I was a little creepy and asked them if we could do a five minute photo shoot. At first they thought I wanted them to take pictures of Meg and me, but then I explained I wanted to take pics of them! They readily agreed and were energetic and funny and adorable. And they will get their very own blog post in the next few days because I liked them that much. =)

Joan & Bill (and pup, Jupiter), mother and step-father of the groom, were also strolling the beach.

Back at the reception lots of fun was being made. I love this next picture of L + K chatting with my grandma. Doesn’t it look staged? Totally wasn’t. Real smiles. Gorgeous ones.

Oh hello. =) Funny story, Meg accompanied me while I got a drink and the bartender asked if we were twins. I ruined the fun by saying Meg was younger. You got a few more years, sis.



“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, sayin’ heyyooo.”

My grandparents were the longest married couple in the room: 59 years! (Holy smokes!) Here they are with the newlyweds.

This is a normal Hart family picture. Completely normal. And I love it.

And to sign off, here’s some writing in the sand.

Dear Kirk & Liza : Congrats! And thank you for the most special reason ever to have a family reunion. Love you both.


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  1. Imani permalink
    07/19/2011 9:39 am

    You could have fooled me not being their wedding photographer.. You took SO many great photos! Favorites- the b&w one where they’re walking away in the field like area. and the one where they’re talking to your g-ma!
    Can’t wait to see the fmps of the other couple!

  2. Tia permalink
    07/19/2011 4:54 pm

    Great pictorial rendition of Kirk and Liza’s big day! (And what a FUN family reunion!!) Thanks for sharing them all….lots of good memories for years to come! Great to be with you all.
    Love to you!!!

  3. unkle e= permalink
    07/19/2011 6:05 pm

    Great post, Steph! You must have taken 1000+ shots and if even 1/4 are as amazing as these few….
    I’m with Imani — pro quality stuff, kid!

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