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[fyi//24] best number everrrr.


(24 was my lacrosse number for my high school years. And my sis took it over when she was on the team. So it’s got a special place in our hearts).

But anyways! Onto the cool stuff from this week!


1. No Bake Chocolate Cake. This is perfect for me. Now I can”bake”, but not actually have to bake. Why didn’t I thinka that?
2. This momma takes a picture a day of her gorgeous daughter, Lila. See them all at Lila Was Here.
3. Let’s just say this bed-on-the-porch-by-the-water contraption will be part of my life someday. From BHG.

4. “Espresso Yourself” print, from the lovely Syracuse-based Tara Hogan at Ink & Wit. Want this hanging in my kitchen. Plus, the zig zag stripes? Totally into those these days.
5. Let’s go on a date and bring things to color with. Sounds fun, right? And freakin’ adorable. Shot by Sloan Photographers.
6. Mmmm… old school typography. From Dieline.

7. Plain and simple: love these vintage ties. You can find them at the Vintage Treehouse‘s Etsy shop.
8. Because of this inspiring illo, my goal this week is to doodle a bike. This one’s by Jamie Shelman.
9. White flowers in blue glass jars, oh my heavens. So beautiful. See other pictures here.


Now go check out my friends’ Dylan & Alyse‘s new project, the Windsor Collective! They’re all about sharing advice on running a photo business, complete with ins and outs and what’s worked for them. Honestly, I’m so excited about this. Check it!

Haaaaaaaappy Monday, lovies.


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  1. 07/11/2011 10:24 am

    Thanks Steph!

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