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[2//9] Cornfields & Bridal Showers.


Today was a great day.

It started off with a quick early morning romp around Keene’s local farmer’s market with the little sister. She bought some snap peas, I bought some coffee. Then I dropped her off at work and started my 48 minute drive down to Greenfield, Mass. There I met up with the bestie, Kay, and accompanied her to her first bridal gown fitting! It was a delight. She’s gorgeous & I can’t wait for August 7th!

Next we freshened up at Kay’s house and were consequently a little late to her bridal shower, but her many friends and family members were patient and so excited to see her. Food, games, presents and one expertly designed ribbon hat (by yours truly) followed all the hugs & smiles & congratulations.

Then (from the pictures you see above) Kay & I had a fun 5 minute photo shoot outside her house in the cornfield! I love cornfields. I love FMPS. Don’t you think Kay’s dress is a perfect cornfield photo shoot dress? (Yes, there are such things.)

Kay! I love you & I had such a good day with you!

Then I came home & mom, dad, Erin & I went to a Swamp Bats game. You know what I love about small town baseball games? That even if you haven’t been to one in 8 years, the people running the concession stand are the same, the announcer is the same, the atmosphere is the same & the only thing that’s different is you might actually pay attention to the game this time. It’s so familiar & homey & a perfect way to spend a summer night.

One more picture for you: I was taking this because the sunlight was so pretty, and didn’t even realize ’till the third shot that the baseball players from the other team were waving and posing for the camera. Baha! Crazycrazes.

Then Erin & I ditched the game early because it was buggy and went to Rick’s to get ice cream. Which was the best idea ever.

Happy Saturday!


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  1. Tia permalink
    07/12/2011 6:37 pm

    :-) sounds like a wonderfully fun weekend home!

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