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[2//8] 5K & a Balloon.


Came, ran, conquered … & saw a hot air balloon.

Stats: 5K, 29.14, 9.26 pace, 76th overall (out of 150), 11 year old girl beat me by like 10 minutes. She was a maniac.

Overall: Great run, right by a river & some horses. Mom ran with me as ‘moral support’ but ended up totes smoking me, but whatevs. All I cared about were the hot air balloons. Unfortunately only one went up because a storm was coming and no one wanted to risk it, so I was a little sad, but still got to see that one.

Allllllrighty! 2nd race ever DONE! BAM.


All tiny pixelated photos courtesy of the mother’s iPhone.

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  1. Tia permalink
    07/09/2011 1:51 pm

    Bam! Great job with the race, Stephie!! Seems as if you are settling into Boston life rather well :-)

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