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[fyi//23] festivesque.


Happy Independence Day!
I am about to celebrate with a 4 mile run. Get it? 4 miles, 4th of July…


I felt like I had to include at least a few 4th of July inspirations. Here are some cute ideas for those of you who might be hosting a party later. Obviously they’re all food. Duh.

1. Festive lollipops. Via Design*Sponge.
2. Cuuuuuute handmade flags for strawberry rhubarb pie, or something of the sort. Via Twig&Thistle.
3. White chocolate covered strawberries. Holy goodness yum. Via Life Tastes Like Food.

4. Beauuuutiful typography. Someday I’ll learn how to do this… Until then, I want just the S as a print hanging in my room. Helps that it’s a gorgeous shade of minty green =). From The Phraseology Project.
5. Pink & green. Fave color combo, love this abstract piece. Also yearning for this to be in my currently non-existent art collection. From Monte Clark Gallery.
6. Rings + letters = please?! Even though they’d probably be annoying to wear, just the idea of making words with your rings is really cool to me! By Trudee Hill.

These are all absolutely GORGEOUS photos to me. Art, really.

6. Everything about this… is perfect. By my new favorite artistic photographer, Rodney Smith. I could get lost in his portfolio for hours. Oops, already have.
7. Sparkly bokeh? I want it everywhere in my life. By Emily.
8. This picture of a bride getting ready for her wedding reminds me of a fine art painting. The colors, pose, composition are so pretty. By Australian wedding photographer Samm Blake.


Well, I hope you’re enjoying today with the three Fs. (Friends, family, and food.)


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  1. 07/04/2011 3:06 pm

    Stephanie, awesome name by the way ;), what a wonderful blog you have here! Thanks for sharing my strawberries on your blog! Happy 4th of July!! :)

    • 07/04/2011 10:27 pm

      Oh you’re welcome! They look so yummy & festive! Happy 4th to you! Thanks for stopping by =)

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