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[2//4] It’s Independence Day


What song does that title remind you of? Oh, nothing? What about this song?

July 4th
.. 4.4 mile run. Getting lost is my specialty.
.. 1 hour nap.
.. Boston with Nate & co.
.. Picnic in/on/at the Common (not sure which preposition to use). Sandwiches, melon, salad, pink Starburst.
.. Walking the harbor with Nate. Sitting in the sun. Sitting on the benches. Sitting by the water. Sitting listening to the guitar man play. He’s wearing red & white stripes, I’m wearing blue & white stripes, together we look festive =)
.. Dinner at Cheers.
.. No fireworks this year. But Reba, it’s just you & me next year, baby. <3


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  1. 07/10/2011 10:17 pm

    I am so proud of you Steph. Seriously, we joke all the time but it is pretty freakin’ stellar that you have a job and place to live in Boston!

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