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[365 Project // Round 2] First is the Worst…


…which means second time around is gonna be AWESOME! Bam!

No, but really, I’m excited to start this again. You’ll probably remember that I got pretty sick of the last 365 project by day 180ish, brushed it off and got into it again, then was pretty over the whole ordeal around day 340 and I could not wait for it to end. And I’m sure that will happen this time, no doubt, but I’m going to push through the dry spells, inspiration-less days, and ugly winter weather and just do it. I want to get better at photography, I want a challenge, I want to get to know my new town/city/job/industry… and what better way than through something I absolutely love?

Also, this time… I’m going to be a little more ambitious. Not only am I going to take & post a picture everyday,  I’m also going to take & post a self portrait everyday. [I apologize in advance for you having to see my face every day for a whole year.] So there will be two pictures a day. Just like that.

Take note: I will still post Monday inspirations & Friday doodles. Because I love them. Oh, and if you’ve haven’t noticed, the “IT List” feature was kind of short lived. I wasn’t that into it. =)

Well, here goes nothin’! First pics of the second round:

[DJ and I went to see a local production of RENT tonight. It’s my favorite, and it’s even better when you know the majority of the cast! And it’s even better-er when every single person in the cast has an incredible singing voice!]


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