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[fyi//22] mad inspiration, yo.


Happy last Monday of June 2011! Wowsers time flies.


1. Amazingness by none other than one of my fave photogs, Sarah Rhoads. She’s def in my top five.
2. Sweeeeeeet cuff bracelet that I would never wear but is lovely to look at.
3. Vintage typography. Need I say more? (The answer is no.)

4. Super creative Nike “Paint with your feet” Project. I want a trio of these in all different colors hanging on my wall.
5. Cutest EVER frozen yogurt packaging illustrations designed by Noote&Netoo, via The Dieline.
6. Somedayyyyy I will do this. I will make this. And display this doodley/patterned gem of a table in my future house.

7. I love anklets. I love this anklet. Yay.
8. Tin can reusing idea! Glue magnets to the back and stick them on the fridge for holding pens and other trinkets! Brill.
9. This scrapbook page by Jesse Draxler inspired me to start scrapbook journaling again. Love real inspiration.


Short and sweet, but I’m off to the doctors, then to do some real life things, then to pack some more (I packed all day yesterday), then to Nate’s house!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a post about those real life things. Oh yeah, also stayed tuned for the next YEAR because I’m starting another 365 project on Friday. I’ll tell you why tomorrow. =)


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