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[fyi//20] pretty foods to nom on.


Oh my goodness! Do I have some inspirational YUMMIES for you!

Recently I’ve been perusing healthy food blogs to get ideas for new recipes, because I’m pretty prone to eating the same thing over and over again (hey, I know what I like!)

So – here are some of my findings! To make it a little more streamlined, I’ve categorized them into breakfasts, drinks, foods, and desserts. [Sidenote: I realize these are all “foods” but the foods category is for real food. Like.. not breakfasts, drinks or desserts. More like lunches or something. Got it? Kgreat.] All four categories have a few things in common though: (mostly) healthy, light, summery, pretty, delish, and easy to make. Ok, so I haven’t actually made any of these yet, but don’t you worry, they’re on my summer to-do list. =) I’ve linked to the original recipe, so if you happen to make them before I do, let me know how they turn out!


1. Greek yogurt with peaches, walnuts, maple syrup and ground cinnamon. From NeverHomeMaker.
2. Homemade yogurt, Kashi, and huckleberry calamodin marmalade. From Lara Ferroni.
3. A whole entire post devoted to the awesomeness that is oatmeal! Here at Kath Eats.

1. Classic lemonade in gorgeous, classy glasses. Recipe by the one and only Paula Deen.
2. The perfect ice coffee (in a mason jar. How trendy.) From The Pioneer Woman. (LOVE her blog.)
3. Strawberry mint sangriiaaaaa (that’s me singing because I love sangria.) From Everything Fab.

1. Minestrone soup deliciousness. From Pip&Ebby.
2. BLT spring rolls! Om Gee, gotta try this. From White on Rice Couple.
3. Basically a Caprese salad, plus avocado. Which makes total sense to me. From Everything Fab.

1. Lemon blueberry frozen yogurt. From Scoop Adventures. (Uhm hellooooo, a blog devoted to ice cream. Can’t get much better than that.)
2. Blueberry tart/pie/yumminess. From Gourmet Traveler.
3. Rhubarb buttermilk (gluten free) muffins. From La Tartine Gourmande. (this blog also has beaaautiful pictures)


Ain’t that all look grand? I’m kind of hungry now..

Happy Monday!


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  1. Carissa permalink
    06/13/2011 12:44 pm

    Yup – I’m starving now!!! :) Yummo

  2. Kate permalink
    06/23/2011 12:45 pm

    Re: perfect iced coffee>That’s how Devon’s grandma makes coffee and it is absolutely the best I’ve ever had.

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