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[fyi//19] honey, tree stumps & making yourself epic.


1. This gold honeycomb ring is verrrrry high up on my wishlist these days. It’s so asymmetrical and simple. And pretty. And fashionable. And .. well, let’s just say I like it.
2. And keeping with the honey trend, can someone puhleeeease tell me where I can find a bucket like that. Our Labor of Love took this great shot at a wedding, and so now I’m seriously on the prowl for a bucket similar to it. I love the color. And the honey-ness. And the old-ness.
3. A doodle-patterned journal! So rad.

4. Noms of the day: Spinach salad with mint and orange and some other stuff. Fresh and summery.
5. Nike’s new ad campaign for women called “Make Yourself”… It’s a collaborative thing where any woman can go to the Nike facebook page and write about how and what they’re “making themselves”. This one? Making myself epic.
6. Hanging/string gardens via Huh Mag… I mean, who doesn’t want an orange tree hanging from their porch ceiling? So cool.

7. Personalized tree stumps, anyone? This would be great wall art! Or maybe a one of those signs in front of your house with your last name on it… right?
8. Colorful, organized info graphics by Elaine Fong. And other cool works of art on her site.
9. Oh Megan Lange, I alllways love your work, but this photo (and the rest of the ones taken in the fountain) sort of just blow my mind. You’re so good.

Because I couldn’t pick just one illustrated map from They Draw and Travel, go check them all out!
Also, watch this cover of Save Tonight by Alex Goot. (Did I already tell you about this? I forget. Even if I did, watch it again. Lord know I did.)


Happy Monday, June 6th! I have some big plans for today. Mostly just cleaning my room. And a crazy running/sprint workout with my little sister. And maybe taking some pictures of my cat.


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