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[the one when i turned twenty-two]


Well, friends. I’ve successfully completed my 22nd year on earth. Exciting, huh?

Today began bright an’ early with a seven freakin’ mile run, most of which was either uphill or downhill (makes a little sense), so my knees are a bit sore, but it was a glorious, sweaty, much-needed-so-i-could-prove-to-myself-i-can-run-further-than-i-think-i-can run. Yes. It was great.

Momma made me scrambled eggs for breakfast.
Talked to Aunt Judi on the cellular telephone device.
Text from Katie.
Text from Scwaired.
Email from Vinny.
Forwarded Twitter @ messages from a few peeps (cute).

Then these things happened:

1. Hung out for the majority of the afternoon with Janice! Walked around downtown & stuff. She gave me a new doodle notebook that she hand designed/decorated just for me =) So I promptly started doodle-menting (documenting through doodles? just made that up) our coffee date at Brewbakers. Ran into Danny Phiz and chatted with him about his upcoming summer in Haiti. Helped some random kids come up with ideas for a scavenger hunt.

2. Mom and I got manicures! Waiting for nails to dry is like sitting in time-out. I’m not patient enough. I’m probably ruining them as we speak (slash as I type). But, none-the-less, my nails look fab. Minty green-ish blue with black & pink doodles on my thumbs (thumb is such a weird word). While we were safely inside getting our nails did, outside was literally hailing golf balls. Leave it to June 1st.

3. Scwaired (her name is also Steph, so together we are StephSquared, which we just shortened to Scwaired) and I went to dinner at Margaritas, and in turn, surpriiiise!, got margaritas. (Fun fact: Rita is my middle name). And yummy Mexican-y foods. (Grilled shrimp and avocado noms salad).

4. Went to see ‘Bridesmaids’, which was good, pretty funny, but wouldn’t see it again (or buy it, or recommend it, or even Redbox it. Sorry. Not all it was cracked up to be. But still funny. Just… in a weird way.) Also, THANKFULLY being a bridesmaid, at least in my experience so far, has been nothing like the movie portrayed. Again, thankfully. Anyways, we ate some candies, talked about life & all that jazz. Good times.

Then I came home, opened a bunch of cards that I plan on scrapbooking soon, watched the last half hour of SYTYCD, talked to Nathaniel, pet my cat, and now I’m writing a random, semi-thrown-together blog post about it all. And you’re reading it (thanks!).

K, good night.


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  1. Kate permalink
    06/02/2011 6:18 pm

    Point number 3 looks like a bowl of lava. Expect a package in the mail from me next week.

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