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[fyi//18] recycled art edition.


I like (okay, love) art. I like creative art. I like practical art. So when I saw these artists at the Burlington City Artist Market and all their creative, practical, artsy ideas, I was blown away! And inspired to try and make my own recycled products (I’ve been meaning to use my collection of broken glass for something… still trying to come up with some ideas).. Anyways, take a look!


Recycle Moe
: Old cassette tape wallets, childhood gameboard journals (I wanted the Candy Land one!), floppy disk notepads… those were just some of the old products Moe used to make new, fun ones. Even her products tags & business cards were printed on the cardboard side of used cereal boxes. Clever.

Bike Recycle Designs : A side project of a Bike Recycle Vermont, volunteers make jewelry out of used, unrepairable bike parts. I loved the spoke bracelets and gear necklaces.

COOB Originals : Coob’s motto is “Re-love a skateboard”. Well, I sure do love these big, bold, colorful, recycled skateboard earrings. Also featured were iPOD charging docks & a fun little rhinoceros statue.

Revival Studios : License plate jewelry! And picture frames, map sculptures & switch plates! Aaron started collecting license plates and then decided he didn’t really need them all, so he started making cool things out of them. And voila! Awesome art. I really want a Hawai’i bracelet. =)


Hope ya’ll enjoyed! Check out these artist’s websites to see more of their great ideas, or go make some recycled goodness of your own!


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  1. sarah permalink
    05/31/2011 7:53 pm

    I love this post! I want all this stuff! :)

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