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[fyi//17] young & sweet, only seventeen.


Title credit: ABBA

(You’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head)

Why hellooooo lovely blog readers! (No, really, you’re gorgeous.) I hope your Monday mornings have been fab. Mine has! It’s included: waking up to rain (again). Making coffee. Remembering that my little sis has a lacrosse game tonight that I want to take pictures at. And.. making this post for you! Hope you enjoy!


1. I’m really digging “tribal” looking jewelry these days and this turquoise necklace further adds to this obsession.
2. This illustration by Alice Stevenson fits perfectly onto a cell phone packaging design (seen here). Practical doodles are the best.
3. Old table, turquoise, pink, purple, flowers (twice!) – I love this little set up.

4. In this illustration, and in most of her other ones, the way Vanessa Van Meerhaeghe illustrates hair is so beautiful!
5. Ohhh lordy, Carl Zoch has done it again. This photo blows my mind. Perspective, lighting, composition. I’m in love.
6. A cute tutorial on stencil decorating windows! I’d use this as a backdrop for a photo shoot. What about you?

7. My birthday is coming up soon, and I always ask for a birthday dinner that includes shrimp. This year? I’m askin’ for this gorgeous salad.
8. Cliff jumping from a whole new perspective. Thank you, Max Wanger.
9. This print is so eye catching and fabulous, appropriately named, “Monday Morning Hello“. By OhHi (cute name).


Inspired? Go do something about it!



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