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[d&d//16] Inspired by Raych.


This doodle is dedicated to my lovely friend Rachel, inspired by our hour long phone chat last night (also doodled during our hour long phone chat last night). Most of that hour was spent reminiscing about our childhood and getting really excited for her summer road trip up here to New Hampshire! We basically have a whole itinerary planned already =)

Back in the day, Rachel & I were inseparable. Literally. We met in 4th grade, became fast friends, and consequently dressed as twins the first day of 5th grade (we went to catholic school, so this feat wasn’t hard seeing as we only had about 5 outfits to choose from). After school we’d either go back to her house and watch Sailor Moon & SClub7, or go back to my house and watch Sailor Moon & SClub7. And sometimes we’d make it to swim practice on time, where we’d always be in the same lane swimming our favorite stroke, butterfly, one after another (she went first because she was faster). In 4th grade we made our (very detailed & accurate) planet dioramas in my basement as we fantasized about being astronauts when we grew up & how we’d be the first people to ever land on Jupiter. During middle school we’d always call each other before a trip to the bookstore just to make sure we wouldn’t end up buying the same books in the series we were obsessed with (It was about horses. We’d each buy a few and then trade them when we finished. I still to this day only have half the series.) I remember one specific time we went to the bookstore at midnight to wait in line for the new release of the latest Harry Potter book. On most Saturday mornings in 8th grade, we’d wake up early and ride horses together at a small barn where we knew all the names of all the horses. Afterward, we’d stop at our favorite bakery and enjoy muffins & orange juice, or this new drink called Vitamin Water. When Raych moved at the end of the summer before high school, I made her a ‘Guide to Making Friends according to Stephanie’. It may or may not have included “Bond with the girls in your class over your favorite Disney songs.” I’m glad I forgot what else was on the list because it was probably equally terrible advice =)

Since then, we’ve only seen each other three times. She came back home for a weekend during our freshman year of high school; Sophomore year my family went down to visit hers for a few days; And the last time we saw each other was our senior year of high school when I went down for her 18th birthday. We took a special trip to Disney World (including a visit to Paradise Island, but because I was only 17 I couldn’t get into any of the clubs except the disco music one. And that was lame.) One of my favorite memories from that trip was seeing Cirque Du Soleil – literally one of the coolest shows I’ve ever experienced. Picture of Raych and I from that trip! ::

Anyways! As you can imagine, four and a half years is a long time to go without seeing your friend, so today’s doodle is full of anticipation and joy because we get to be reunited so soon!

Love you Raye <3


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  1. 05/20/2011 5:56 pm

    so exciting to see a friend after such a long time!! i know the feeling, since so many of my friends are from all over. happy friday!

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