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[fyi//16] ya’ll shoulda seen this coming.


Balloons galooooore!
I’m little obsessed with them these days. There’s just somethinnnn’ [fun, colorful, energetic, whimsical, freeing, happy] about ’em. Have fun!


1. B is for Bike: (and balloons!) Love the color scheme and large & in charge letter B.
2. Balloons by the sea: Wedding ceremony backdrop idea?
3. Pop-up balloon card: So clev! Want to make some of my own.
4. Screen Print: I like how the main subject is in white. Sweet use of negative space.
5. In the Streets: Wouldn’t this be an awesome sight to see? Take me to Paris!
6. Engagement pics: Little people faces popping through the balloons. So cute.
7. Circus Journal: I just watched Water for Elephants the other day, so vintage circus images are fresh on my mind. Love this journal.
8. Balloon Close Up: The light shining through the balloon fabric makes it so vibrant and fab.
9. Happy Birthday Card: Designed by Rifled Paper Co., the colors and energy in this little card doodle make me smile.


Yay! Happy first Monday in 4 years of not being a college kid! =)


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