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[fyi//15] fifteen minutes away.


Happyyy lovely Monday, chaps. There’s some fun stuff in here, so as always, feel free to click through to explore more.


1. Laundry Day Print: Emily from Flowers in May makes these adorable prints that I love so much. This one is the “Laundry Day” one, and I’ve shown ya’ll the Paris one before, but check out all her other ones here!
2. Photo by Troy Coburn via Dust Jacket Attic: The composition of this photo blows my face off. I cropped it here, so click thru to see the whole thing. It’s gorgeous. They all are.
3. I Like You: Write a message in letters. Take a picture. Print many, many cards. Doing it soon. Yay!
4. Post Identity: Designed by Louis Fili. I love the old-school-ness of the type and colors of this logo.
5. Love in a Boat: Does this picture remind anyone else of the scene in the Notebook where they’re boating in the rain? Or, um.. the “Kiss the Girl” scene in the Little Mermaid?
6. This Water Packaging: Cute illustrations on this packaging designed by Pearl Fisher.
7. Summer Rolls with Mango: Sounds so stinkin’ deliciously yummy. Good thing I learned how to make these over spring break at Nate’s house!
8. Sailboat Necklace: So much nautical loveliness all wrapped up in a simple little necklace.
9. Swarm of Bees: I recently watched Secret Life of Bees, and now I want to be a bee keeper when I grow up. Or at least for a day. And this picture is really pretty.

and now for some musica I’ve been listening to!
-Lady Antebellum’s new single “Just a Kiss”. (Good thing I watched American Idol for the first time last week or I wouldn’t have known about that. I really need to actively keep up with my favorite bands.)
Alex Goot‘s cover of “Save Tonight”, originally by Eagle Eye Cherry. (I basically love all of Alex Goot’s covers).


Also, for all of you who were wondering, my verse of the week is Psalm 25:21 “May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, LORD, is in you.” (I forgot to post that yesterday).

Okie dokes! Have fun with this! I’ma go run some miles and then get lunch with some faves and then finish cleaning my disaster zone of a bedroom!


P.S This will be my last inspiration post as a college kid! Next Monday I’ll be GRADUATED!

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