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[doodles&daydreams//14] with a special bonus.


Experimented with some new letters.

Now onto the section I like to call: “Stephanie likes to talk about herself”.

AKA: Things that make today great:

1. I’m handing in my portfolio today to be brought down to NYC next week (so all the professional people can look at it and God-willing like my stuff enough to offer me a job)! And what does this mean? I’m officially done with Com Design! This calls for some serious celebrating. And how are we going to celebrate? I’m so glad you asked. That brings me to…
2. The Com Design Tag Sale!!! If you’re in the Syracuse area tomorrow, come to 870 Lancaster Ave between 9:30 and 2:30 for things like art supplies, housewares, clothes, jewelry, books, and furniture. Everything is really low priced & completely awesome. Sneak peek: The racquetball racket I bought freshman year because I thought I was going to play every week (haha riiiiight).
3. Oatmeal & honey: It’s my favorite breakfast. So yum. And healthy.
4. My window is open. The birds are singing, breeze is breezing & I can hear a lawn mower going in the distance. It’s spring, chaps. Fy.Nuh.Lee.
5. 8 days ’till I graduate! What?! What what what what. Imma be a college GRAD soon. Holy smokes.
6. Country music. Duh it’s on my list. I had the radio on this morning and I kept telling myself “Ok, after this awesome song I’ll go down and eat breakfast.” But the song that came on after that was so good too! And the song after that! It happened with FIVE songs, and I ended up eating breakfast, like, 35 minutes later than I planned because I just couldn’t miss all those great songs. Because, you know, I’m nevvvvvver going to hear them again. =)

Well, hope you all have great days. =)


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