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[fyi//14] turquoise, patterns & hints of summer.


As always, here are some lovely things for ya’ll to indulge in on this rainy, warm, spring Monday!

1. Patchwork wood collage: I like abstract works of artistic-ness. I think this wood collage piece of art would (wood) look great in a living room. Or above a fireplace! Except be careful it doesn’t burn.
2. Merit Badge: “For always believing the glass is half full.”
3. Princess and the Pea: Every year, Wendy and Tyler of Bluelilly Photography do a themed birthday photo shoot with their daughter. Last year was Princess and the Pea themed! This shoot was propped & shot so well, and their girl is adorable.
4. Poppy mugs: I told you already, but I’m starting a mug collection when I grow up (so like, in 2 weeks) and these will definitely be in it.
5. Turquoise houses: Don’t know where this is, but, well, I’m gonna live there. Or at least paint my future house that color.
6. Guacamole Bruschetta: Get in my tummy right now, please.
7. Hawai’i Wedding: Carl Zoch has done it again. What a fabulously shot wedding, with fabulous views and photo fabulous compositions.
8. Button Bracelets: Simple, easy, summery and cute. Gotta make some soon.
9. Cut paper maps: CUT PAPER, people! Of the whole city of New York! And I thought I was good with an Xacto blade.

1. Teacup Illustration: Seriously awesome and intense doodling going on here.
2. Lighthouse: On my list of things to do before I die is have a picnic at the top of a lighthouse. I choose this one.
3. Floral skirt: Classic knee-length flowy skirt, but with such a bold floral pattern. Definitely a fan.
4. Summery necklaces: These cool necklaces are made of slices of Tagua seed (had to do a little bit o’ research there) and then dyed in a myriad of colors. Mixing and matching these would be a fun summer look.
5. Hammock photo: I find myself saying this about every shoot Megan Lange does, but I really mean it about this one: It’s my FAVORITE. Cowboy boots, old cars, hammocks and summery sun.. What’s not to love?
6. Nordstrom branding: Young, fun and fresh, Nordstrom branding by Matt Lehman.
7. Dining room interior: Gray and yellow + Fancy chandelier + Striped patio wall outside = Totally drooling over this.
8. Letter dish towels via Design*Sponge: These fun, typography-driven dish towels will definitely be showing up in my future apartment kitchen. Fave is the ampersands. Duh.
9. Colored architecture: Designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux via Roger The colorful layers in this building are show-stopping and sort of unbelievable. I wanna see it in real life. Guess I’ll have to go to Tokyo sometime.


I think today’s most used words were “fun, colorful, and summery”. Maybe because that’s my mood right now? Well anyways, I hope you enjoyed!


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