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[fyi//13] oh, hey, it’s been a while!


I reeeealize it’s not Monday, but I couldn’t wait a whole ‘nother week. FYI’s are by far my favorite posts, and since I haven’t done one in three weeks, this one’s gonna be craycray! Lots of fun things for your eyes to feast upon. I’m trying out a new format: putting the pictures into a nice grid (thanks com design), rather than uploading each individual picture; this also means I can add more inspirations in one post! So, let me know if it’s working or not =)


1. Striped dress: Three things that make this dress awesome: The stripes (duh), the buttons! And the apparent ability of it being a great “twirling in the field” dress.
2. Awesome collage-y sketchbook: This is what I call “actual inspiration”, meaning, it makes me want to DO something. Love. It.
3. Fuller Farm Branding: Love the integration of type and image in this. And the fact that the designer branded his family farm. That’s stinkin’ adorable.
4. Edison Poster: I’m just a big fan of big letters. That’s all.
5. Coffee: Lovely picture. And it’s coffee, so that’s pretty self-explanatory.
6. Girl & Horse Portrait: The lighting is gorgeous, and if I had a horse, I’d want this exact picture with him. So presh.
7. Sun flare Picture: It’s cool how the photog caught the light showing through the fabric. And the sun flare is an added bonus.
8. Place mats: Eco-friendly, doodle-y patterned, place mats! So fun. Want them for my house, please.
9. Shelf installation: Tom Wold’s custom-made shelving units are gorgeous pieces of artwork. Beautiful AND functional.

1. Coffee Doodle: Oh, more coffee? This time there’s a donut involved. And it’s in pretty illustration form.
2. Lemon drop Ring: I could post a thouuuusand pretty rings I’ve come across, but I’m posting this one because it’s big, summery, and doodle-y. And those are all great characteristics for rings to have.
3. Tennis Print: The motion in this print is great. And I love the combo if flat graphics and photo.
4. Engagement Photo: Bokeh in the background. ‘Nuff said.
5. Bow ties:  So many! So many patterns! AH! I want one of each!
6. Splashing water picture: I don’t even have words for this photo. I love. It. So. MUCH. Love. The light, the splashes, the fun-ness, the composition. GAH! LOVE. (Oh, do I love this picture?)
7. Glass bottles: When I went to Barcelona, I fell in love with the art of glass. And this glass? Is art. Colorful, lust-worthy art.
8. Girl and Bird: This illustration is so whimsical and girly. Two things I am not. But I like it anyways. =)
9. Bread: OMGBREAD. Favorite food. Want to live in this bread store. Please and thanks.


What a not classy way to end that. Talking about living in a bread store.

ANYWAYS. Hope you all survived the tornado/flood/landslide/Titanic flashback that happened this afternoon. If you’re in Syracuse, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Did I mention my portfolio is DONE?! Welp, it is. Come see it tomorrow at 2:30 on the third floor of the Warehouse!


P.S. I’m SO excited to be a blogger again!

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  1. Kate permalink
    04/27/2011 5:34 pm

    Bakery. It’s proooobably a bakery. You’re on a run with your mom and I’m supposed to be writing a paper on antimicrobial polymers.

  2. Kathi permalink
    05/02/2011 11:37 pm

    I never knew bokeh, until you taught me bokeh. :)

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