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Two things “dropped” today. Dropped as in, hit the stands/internet, for the whole world to see. And now I’m passing the fun on to you!

Thing one: Carl the notorious creativity thief has been busy trying to steal our ideas! To find out how to stop Carl from doing such a mean thing, watch this vid! (Proffessor Bill is DE-freakin’-TERMINED to get Carl’s video to go viral. Please, help his dream come true.)

Thing two: EQUAL TIME MAG! My third and final (*tear*) issue of ET finally hit the stands today, and I couldn’t be happier. Besides finding at least 3 mistakes that got overlooked during final editing, (I won’t tell you where), it’s basically amazing! Pick up your own copy anywhere on campus, or if you aren’t in the area, read it online here!

P.S You’re very welcome for introducing you to all this fun-ness.


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