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[portfolio photography day]


All of my projects were professionally photographed today! (Obvi the pictures to follow aren’t the professional ones, they’re from my cell phone). Besides being freeeeezing the whole day in the barn/studio, I definitely had a good time. I liked being able to art direct the shots & getting to make sure everything was perfect, down to the “random” placement of the coffee beans around my coffee magazine. I was really surprised when the first project only took about 30 minutes to shoot, but then got really fed up with my stinkin’ cheese packaging because it took forevvvverrrr to get each package in the just the right position. Ugh. So annoying. But it worked out in the end. And guess what? You can see the final pics on my website in a few days or at our SENIOR PORTFOLIO SHOW! Next Wednesday at the Warehouse from 2:30-4:30! *hint*you all should really come*hint*. K, here are some cellular telephone pics. Because I want to keep you guessing and make you HAVE to come see our final portfolios next week. Sneaky.


No, really. You better be there.


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  1. 04/19/2011 9:34 pm

    Looking forward to 4/27. I am so there that I’m adding it to the calendar on my web site!

  2. Erica permalink
    04/19/2011 9:57 pm

    Aww I so wish I could drive up and see this now!! If only I had the time and a car… :( It looks amazzzziingggg Stephanie!!! You’ll have to tell me all about it and show off all the pictures next time we see each other!

  3. Tia permalink
    04/21/2011 1:11 pm

    Awww, wish I could be there in person. But I think you said it would be webified, so I will look on your blog for a link!
    Yeeee haaawwww!!! Coming down the home stretch!!! You go girlll :-)
    Love you LOTS!
    PS Happy Easter

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