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[fyi//11] 11:11, make a wish.


I actually only make wishes at 12:34. But if making wishes at 11:11 is your thing, that’s cool too. I guess the more wishes in the world, the better.

Enjoy this random assortment of fancy! If you like what you see, click through to explore more of the artists’ work. If you hate what you see, you’re probably reading the wrong blog.


Credit – [My favorite bird, painted in one of my favorite colors. I’d totally buy this & hang it in my sun room. If I ever own a sun room.]

Designed by Holmberg Design, via Beast Pieces : [Letter pressed coffee packaging goodness.]

Credit – [Dear interior design-y friends, what room would this color palette best fit? Kitchen? Bedroom? I’m still trying to figure it out, because I want it someday.]

Credit: Dana Grant – [Things in this picture that strike my fancy. Picket white fence. Vines. Ladder. Her dress. Their expressions. The way he is looking at her. Her hair. The chipped paint. Ok… so… everything.]

Credit: Holly Wales – [Love the retro style of Holly’s illustrations. This one makes me wanna take a road trip.]

Credit – [100 pictures of beautiful type/image integration. All numbered. All mesmerizing.]

Credit – [Fork ring. I am planning on trying to make some cool fork jewelry this summer. I’ll let you know how it turns out.]

Installation by Stacee Kalmanovsky, via Muuz. – [Glass “rain” droplets that reflect the light oh so amazingly and makes it look like you’re in the middle of a summer thunderstorm. I would loooove to see this in real life.]

Credit: Gina Meola – [Gina is one of my photog heroes. The way she sees light and catches it in her photos is beautiful. Don’t you just wanna jump into this picture?]

Credit – [Pomegranate, gouda cheese & pear quesadilla w/ pomegranate seed & bell pepper salsa. How YUM does that sound?! Served with fresh lemonade? Perfect.]

Credit – [Diggin’ the summery pattern on this soap packaging. I’ve realized that sometimes soap packaging is so nice I never want to open it, haha.]

By Lucianna, via Design*Sponge: [I like how the designer could have settled on having the bedspread or wallpaper in that pattern, but she took it a step further and therefor brought all this awesome character to the room just by sprucing up the floor. I like it a lot.]

Credit – [Dear Rebecca, this one’s for you. A ‘vintage’ styled display for showing off old family wedding photos. Heart it.]

And today’s musical selection is brought to you by… my 5th grade boy band crush… Hanson. Yep. They’re still bein’ awesome & making music (this was from about a year ago) I’m going to learn the dance soon. Anyone wanna join me? No, seriously.


Adios amigos. =)


P.S. Notes to self: 1. Drink more orange juice. 2. Stop being sick. 3. Don’t wear flats until it’s actually warm out. 4. Caffeine is not a food group. 5. Run 15 miles this week and you’ll have made your goal of 65 miles in March.

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