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[for your inspiration//10] letters & words.


Like I promised on Friday, here are some designers/illustrators that are really great at this thing we call hand-lettering. They’re super talented & are definitely people I look up to. I like how they all have their own unique style. So, enjoy. Be sure to click through to their sites to explore more of their awesomeness.


Linzie Hunter : This blows me away. As does most of Linzie’s work.

Jon Contino : My favorites of Jon’s work is his sailor/nautical looking stuff. It’s rad.

Will Bryant : Will’s humor is, well, hilarious, and his work is just fun. Like this sandwich mural.

Jessica Hiche : I’ve posted some of Jessica’s work before (more than once?), but I definitely had to include her in this one. If I look up to any of these talented people, I look up to Jessica the most. Design-wise & lettering-wise. She, also, is hilarious.

Jeff Rogers : So much energy in all of Jeff’s work. Love it.

Kate Bingaman Burt : Whenever Kate buys something, she draws it. And then publishes a big book about it that would keep me busy for hours. Genius.

Chris Piascik : So. many. different. handwritings! And Chris draws detailed patterns within the letters that make them look even cooler.

Darren Booth : I love the collaged/painted look Darren uses on most of his work. He recently had the chance to design the cover of Steve Martin’s new book. Seriously awesome. Like. Really.


Ok, friends. That’s that.

Oh, wait! My friend Amy surprised me with this rad doodle journal that I had a little a lot of fun with last night. Here’s a pic (taken by Imani) of one of the pages:

Cool, yeah? K, time to start my day. Thanks for visiting =)


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