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[last game. last time.]


“March 5th is the last home game.”

What? What do you mean LAST. You’re kidding, right? There has to be at least one more. I freakin’ can’t believe this.

My first experience of Syracuse (way back during my junior year of high school) was a men’s basketball game, in the Carrier Dome, versus Louisville. We were sitting way up in section 307. For the majority of the game my friend Kayla & I laughed at all the drunk people yelling crazy things & wished we were down in the student section wearing bright orange shirts doing those cool hand signals you’d only know if you were a student. It was at that game I decided I absolutely needed to go to a Division 1 school, a school that would have basketball games with an atmosphere much like the one I was experiencing at the time. I never thought it would actually be Syracuse.

I didn’t actually apply to Syracuse until later in the application process. Since that first game almost a year ago, I had forgotten about the whole “must go to D1 school” thing, and decided I wanted to go to an art school. Thankfully we went to another game in early November & I was reminded of the pure awesomeness that was Syracuse basketball. I had to apply. I didn’t even care if I didn’t know anything about their art school. At least they had one. I could find out more about it later. I needed to be a part of the atmosphere & fan-dom that those crazy Syracusians had.

So that’s what I wrote my admissions essay about. I basically (and literally) promised the admissions office I’d be the greatest basketball fan ever. I don’t know if I lived up to that promise, but Lord knows I tried.

You can guess that yesterday, March 5th, I was kind of depressed. I had sit through three “senior night” games in the past, and they’d all been a little sad. I hate to see people leave. Sophomore year when Kristof graduated, I almost cried. Last year, when it was AO & Andy‘s turns to leave, I did cry. This year, Rick Jackson was the only senior, but I didn’t cry for him (sorry, Rick). I cried for me. Because it was my last game, too. Last time I’d ever use my ID to get into a game. Last time I’d be a part of the student section. Last time I’d need to get there an hour early to get good seats. Last time I’d be at a game with the usual friends. Last this, last that.

Don’t get me wrong, of course I can go to more ‘Cuse games in the future. Durrrrr. I’ma have me some season tix for the resta ma LIFE. But it will always be a little different. I’ll probably always wish I was in the student section (you normal fans are WAY boring). And I’ll probably always have a story about “when I was a student”. Gosh, next time I go to a ‘Cuse bball game, I’m going to be a stinkin’ ALUMNI. What?! I’m too young for that. Seriously.

Here are some pics from last night’s game against DePaul. (We crushed ’em by.. oh.. 48 points. NBD.)

Okay, so I did get a little choked up when the whole stadium gave Ricky J a standing ovation and he hugged his coach.

Here’s a nice little collage of pics from the last 4 years of Syracuse bball fan-ness! =) Freshman year is at the top, down to senior year at the bottom.

Us, crying.

If any part of college went by way too fast, it was every basketball season.


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