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[fyi//7] unanticipated flying colors.


As I was putting this post together I realized everything happened to include awesome colors. Then I got happy. So I hope you get happy, too.


Credit – [I’m not one for recipes, but this avocado, sweet corn, red onion & strawberry salsa has my mouth watering. Like. Crazy. I think I’ll try this on the first day of summer. Seems about the right time.]

Credit – [Love this old cam display. Easy and practical. You can grab the cams when you need them and hang them on the wall when you don’t.]

Credit – [All I gotta say is: Want.]

Credit – [I just think this is so cute because I can totally picture it happening. Does it remind anyone else of The Sandlot? At least a little?]

Credit: Uppercase Mag – [I’m contemplating getting this magazine. 1. Because it’s for creative people. And 2. because it’d be so cool to make a huge collage of the covers and hang it on my wall. I like their style.]

Credit – [Old maps/typography/cartography-ness. This one’s representin’ the Hampsh! (That is, New Hampshire, if you weren’t quite sure.)]

Credit – [Like… WHAT?! This blows my mind.]

Credit: Jill Thomas – [The vintage-y-esque colors in this photo are FAB. As are the palm trees and mountains in the background. And the pool in the foreground. And, in general, the thought of summer.]

Credit – [My mother used to collect mugs. I think I’m going to do that. Starting with the pink & orange one.]

Credit – [I never knew shaved ice could be so pretty!]

Credit – [Check out the rest of these pictures, too; the way they use color to emphasize the clothes/people is really rad.]

Credit – [If I saw this bike in real life, I’d ask the person riding it to stop and so I could take a picture with it. Or steal it from them.]

Credit – [This whole branding scheme for a bus system in France is great.]


Happy? Yeah? Awesome!


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