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[look! i remember how to take pictures!]


I’m forcing myself to take more pictures. Because ever since I stopped my 365 project, I barely take any anymore. Or at least it feels like it. Here are some from this weekend.

^My friendlies, Heidi, Imani & Emily at the SU vs. Rutgers game yesterday. (Yes I just linked you to all their personal blogs. Check ’em, they’re great.) SU won in overtime. It was FAB.

Other things that were fab: ^Nate came with me! His first game of the season. So fun. =) My family was there, too! But sitting a million miles away in section 307. Oh, and ANDY RAUTINS WAS THERE! I had a heart attack. I miss him. (So many people!)

^Woke up today and decided it was a purple&pink knee high argyle sock sort of day. Yeah, it happened. =) (What a weird angle. And an ugly rug.)

^Campus looked nice today.

^I’ll forgive the snow, but only because it looks so pretty.

^Planner, journal, doodle notebook. My faves. Chilled at Schine today. First w/ Mandy & then w/ K.Ebs. Both times unplanned. Those are the best.) K.Ebs & I both drank too much coffee, but also got some work done, so it all evens out.)

I miss this picture takin’ thing. Mmm…


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  1. Tia permalink
    02/25/2011 11:18 am

    Then, I say, take more pics!!! That should help :-) And I’d like it too!

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