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Probs should have saved this post for St. Patrick’s day, but since I apparently celebrate St. Patrick’s day every day of my life, I figured I’d just post it now. [Sidenote: The past two days I’ve gotten into conversations about how often I wear the color green.]

Nail Polish :: Discovered in 11th grade at WalMart with my best friends while they were up visiting Spofford for Memorial Day Weekend. This was also the WalMart trip where we decided it was a good idea to try out all our favorite nail polish colors, resulting in ten different colored fingernails and a really upset WalMart clerk. We learned our lesson.

Journal :: Given to me by my Com Design besties Lisa & Steph from their summer abroad in Italy [without me]. It’s real honest to goodness Italian leather (not snakeskin as you might have originally thought).

Ring :: Made it this summer. [Wire & beads, nothing special]. It’s just standing in for my real rings I lost the other day, ’till I either find them, or get new ones.

Cellular Telephone :: The only reason I bought it was because it came with a green cover. It’s sadly actually a pretty terrible phone.

Scarf :: For a few days at the beginning of winter break I basically begged my little sister for this scarf because it was so perfect. Then forgot about it for a week or two… But then she surprised me right before I came back to Syracuse and gave it to me! You can say I was overjoyed. & now I wear it too often. Whatevs.

[not pictured] Puffy Green Vest :: Yes, the one & only Puffy Green Vest. If you know me, you know I’ve been wearing that thing since freshman year. I can’t let it go. It’s a part of me. =)

“Whenever I see that shade of green I always think it’s you. And most of the time it is.” -my friend DJ. =)

Mmk. This was a random post.


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