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[fyi//4] a little bit of love & lots of links.


Hey friendlies! Lucky to find some rad stuff this week, one being this website Pinterest – basically a virtual inspiration board; everything awesome in one place! I know, right?! It’s perfect. Anyways, this post has (just a little) Valentine’s Day flair here & there, because I’m in the mood & couldn’t wait ’till next week. Impatient me =) Enjoy!


Credit – [I have a thing for circles, especially cute pastel-y ones on chains.]

Credit – [One thing I treasure in life: People who design easy to understand info graphics, especially ones pertaining to my favorite drink. Thank you Plaid Creative!]

Credit – [Genius! And adorbs! Download the template for these stickers here & give ’em to someone special!]

Credit – [I’d be so happy if I saw these around Syracuse. Hmm… I feel a project coming on… Who’s in?]

Credit – [He must have been a Com Designer… P.S. Lisa, this picture is specifically for you=) ]

Credit – [It doesn’t even look like it exists! The case of the disappearing yacht!]

Credit – [Cue my heart melting.]

Credit – [Map painted completely by HAND, by one of my design heroes, Paula Scher. This is the coolest thing. CoolEST. Realz.]

Credit – [I follow a million (fine, only 43) wedding photographers, & the left image from Gina Ziedler really stood out to me this week. Why? Um, did you SEE the strand of lights in the reflection of the wine glass?! I did. And then I died of amazement.]

Credit –  [This story is breathtaking. If you have a minute (or 9) and are into photography/mysterious negatives from the 1950s/the city of Chicago, watch this video about the long lost photographs taken by a 20-something year old French nanny, Vivian Maier. Her photos were never seen by anyone but herself until after she died in 2009 and a young guy bought a whole box of her negatives at an auction. I’m tellin’ ya. Watch the vid. It’s incred.]

Credit – [I find this print hilarious. But awesome at the same time. I kind of want to buy it, but I’d settle for just riding a bike attached to a hot air balloon. I mean, no big deal.]

“This is the New Year” – by Ian Axel. [I first heard this when Alyse posted it on her Tidbit Tuesday last week and I couldn’t help but to spread the Ian Axel love. I have listened to this approximately 76 times since last Tuesday. Actually… probably more.]

Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” music video. The song isn’t necessarily my favorite, but I really like the way they filmed/edited this vid.

Ok, last song/video > Darren Criss. Ooooo pleeeeease someone buy me his EP. Yup, I’m a sucker for singer/songwriters. Especially ones with curly hair.

State Motto Project. – Description from the website: “Fifty designers, one per state, will illustrate their state motto, creating something steeped in history but completely modern and unique.” Real cool. Take a lookie.


And therrrrrr ya have it! Dang, guys, I love Mondays. I love sharing fun things with you. =)


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  1. 02/07/2011 11:57 am

    ahhhhhh i love it. and i rly love the pic for me, i laughed out loud.

  2. 02/07/2011 12:00 pm

    also, im totes in for the project with the cute signs! and i dnlded the stickers PDF.

  3. 02/07/2011 6:30 pm

    Wow… The Vivian Maier story is fantastic, and her photography is simply stunning. Breathtaking is right, I’m so glad I took the time see it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 02/07/2011 9:08 pm

    @Lee – ahh let’s start making cute posters to hang in Cuse!
    @inspired type – you’re welcome, glad you found it interesting!

  5. Tia permalink
    02/12/2011 9:25 pm

    wow, loved that vivian maier vid – unbelievable pics! thanks for letting us know about it! and wish i had time to check out everything else you posted this time!!

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