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[in my heart] Proverbs 21:31


“The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the Lord.” Proverbs 21:31

Wednesday was rough, but you know what? I always remember the rough days, because in the days to follow them, God teaches me a lesson I needed to know or be reminded of.

This week’s lesson? It went a little like this:
“You can’t do it on your own, Stephanie.”

“I know, God, I know.
“You say you know, but you aren’t living like you know.”
“You got me. Ok. I’m going to start living out the trust I say I have in you.”

This little convo didn’t happen in one day.

Friday I got coffee with a lovely friend and she graciously sat and listened while I spilled my guts about how scared I am about the future. And then she simply said “Trust God.” And as we both laughed & agreed that it is easier said than done, for some reason, this time it made sense.

It made even more sense this morning, as I sat in church listening to a sermon on Matthew 6:25-34. Do not worry about tomorrow. Seek first the kingdom of God… “It just makes sense..” I wrote in my journal.

I don’t know what clicked this time over the countless other times I’ve heard this passage/learned this lesson, but whatever happened in my heart, I’m really excited.

Anyways, back to the verse of the week (yes, it actually does have something to do with my story):
The horse is made ready for the day of battle: It’s ok/completely necessary for me to do things to prepare for the future…
But victory rests with the Lord:
But in the end I need to remember that the “life plan” God chooses for me is better than anything I plan to do. I’ve already seen it happen in my life and am trying to trust that it’s going to happen again.

You with me? Hope so. Thanks for reading about God’s little lesson for me this week. =)

Have a great/healthy Superbowl day… and mostly importantly, don’t forget to watch Glee afterward!!


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