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[for your inspiration//2] januarytwentyfour.


This week proved lovely on the topic of inspiration. Let me tell you, people, spending too much time on design & photo blogs does have it’s perks! Oh, and happy -11 degree weather out there! Really thankful I don’t have to leave my house today. =) Yeah. Be jealous.


Credit – [Oh my oh my oh my. What?! Ah! No words for how much I love this picture.]

Credit – [Filed under “Must Have. Need. Now.”]

Credit – [This reminds me of my best friends. And I love my best friends. =)]

Credit – [The poodle! And the swiss cheese! And every little thing that has to do with coffee! I must visit Paris someday.]

Credit – [This is gorgeous. Absofreakinlutely gorgeous.]

Credit – [You thought my 365 photo project was cool? Jessica Hiche illustrates a new drop cap every day. WAY COOLER.]

Credit – [Information design for the years 1985-2009 of how teams advanced through the NCAA basketball tournament. Brilliant.]

Credit – [Film. Sunflare. Yum.]

Credit – [This girl doodles like I wish to someday doodle. I think we’d be best friends.]

Credit – [I’m doing a project about cheese, so this is some inspiration for it. I really like this packaging.]


Well, there’s the second week of “For Your Inspiration”. What did you like? What didn’t you care for? Wanna see more packaging design? More info design? More photos? Lemme know!


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  1. 01/29/2011 4:55 am

    aww :)

  2. 01/31/2011 3:16 pm

    thanks for commenting ! =)

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