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[for your inspiration//1] first time’s a charm.


First installation of “For Your Inspiration”!

P.S My definition of “inspired” basically means that I’m obsessed with whatever pictures/things/videos/music I post. It might mean I act on it (seeing a photo shoot idea and promptly going to try my own version of it), but it also might mean I just stare longingly at the picture trying to absorb all of it’s goodness. Which is what happens most of the time. I also find that I am inspired by the things I can’t do (ex: design jewelry. or surf.). I don’t know why this happens, but it does. Anyways, here are my favorite things this week.


Credit – [Scrabble pieces forming a message, camera, map. Perfect.]

Credit: Kay Walker <<[I know this girl! And this picture blows my mind! So much that I printed it out and now it’s hanging up near my desk in the studio.]

Credit – [Ginormous chalkboard brainstorm sessions for the win!]

– [I’m starting to collect stuff now so I can have a place in my future house like this. I know it just looks like clutter, but it’s beautiful, inspiring clutter.]

Credit: Sid Black
– [Reminds me of Barcelona. I wish I could take credit for this picture.]

Credit – [These doodles. Oh my gosh. Incred.]

Credit – [Oh my gosh. I’m crying just looking at this ring. I want it. I want it baaaad.]

Credit: Carl Zoch – [Hawaii. Taking pictures underwater. Surfing… Heaven? Yes.]

Credit – [I need to try that. Like, today. Actually. Yeah. Going to do it now.]

Credit – [Please… Can I live there? Pretty please?]

Credit – [I’d go to the gym everyday if the graphics were that cool. Maybe.]


And last  but not least, this video. I wish I could help. If you can help, please help.


Alrighty friends, we be done here! Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. Tia permalink
    01/18/2011 6:29 pm

    Love that song, love all of those pictures, even though ones you didn’t take! All very inspiring, which is your point :-)
    PS I never got a doodle/photo card back in December…did you ever get to make them???

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