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[New Things on T.W.A.Y] in my heart // doodles&daydreams // for your inspiration


Dearest friends,

As you are all aware, the 365 Project has (bittersweetly) come to a close (as of yesterday). So, what next? What will this blog be about now? Well, I’ve thought long and hard about the possibilities and finally decided it’s just going to be a blog. My blog. About my life. Like any other regular “life blogs” out there. I follow a few “life blogs” including AuraJoon, Oh Joy, & Color Me Katie, and I just love the way they “do life”. They are creative & inspiring, and that is the direction I want to take this blog in. I’m not aiming to be them, just being inspired by them. Because I’m so used to blogging once a day, in my mind blogging only once or twice a week is kind of lame, so I have three “series” (I guess you could call them that) that I will be aiming to do every week, plus I’ll still post pictures whenever the heck I feel like it =). So, now I’ll explain the new stuff.

As a way to stick to one of my New Year’s Goals which is “Memorizing one Bible verse a week”, I’ll be posting the verse of the week along with some thoughts/devotions on it.  This is mostly for me to keep track of all the verses in one place, but also to share with you what God is teaching me each week. I’ll post “In My Heart” on Sunday afternoons. You dig it? Cool. (Oh yeah, the first two weeks were Colossians 4:6 and Acts 2:25).

I’m an avid doodler & can doodle anywhere from two to a million times a day. I have a special sketchbook just for doodles, so on Fridays I’ll be posting a few of my favorite pages from it. Just random doodles, scribbles, & things of that sort. And then I’ll just tell you about one little daydream I’ve been daydreaming, cuz, well, I like daydreaming. Kinda random, but I think you’ll like it.

This is the one I’m most excited about. I’ve posted about inspiration a million times (aka: twice) and kind of swear by my Inspiration Folder, if that’s even possible. I’m constantly perusing design & photo blogs which, lucky for me, means I’m always getting inspired. I recently decided that I’d like to share that stuff with you, because if I’m inspired by it, there must be a few more people out there who will also be inspired. So the plan is on Mondays to post a whole bunch of things that I think are really rad, cool, amazing & fun that I’ve found throughout the last week, – things that I think you’ll like, too. Can’t wait for this!


If you were at all wondering how the heck I’m gonna keep up with this, just remember, I posted every single day for a year, so believe me, 3-5 times a week will be CAKE. (Also, I’m only taking 9 credits. No big deal.)

I’m really excited. Like. Really.


P.S. ‘Cuse bball: 18 and 0. HOLLAA.

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