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[352] Things That Happened: 2010 Edition.


“This is so hard.” I’m looking in my (green Italian leather bound) journal at this thing we call a ‘rough draft’ & I see this phrase written four times throughout the two pages I’ve been writing on. Trying to sum up my year is im-freakin’-possible. A few lines written here, scratched through, a few lines on that page, scribbled over, a few more lines, those seem to work. I’m going to try to sum this year up month by month with things that were really important to me, things that may or may not have changed my life, but were all special in some way to me. Oh yes, in chronological order, with help from this blog, because I would forget my life if I didn’t take pictures of it. (Also, I realize I could just put a link to my blog and be like “here’s what happened in 2010” because it’s ALL on here, but I wanna get more in depth than that.)


Things That Happened: 2010 Edition.

In January I started my 365 Project. With this project came a love for finding the little things, taking pictures of the moments I probably wouldn’t have remembered otherwise, and learning more about something that I really, really like: photography. I never imagined all the people who would become interested in the the way I make picture, and am so thankful for all your encouragement and support! Also in January: I joined the Equal Time magazine team as assistant art director and discovered that magazine design is kind of my thing =)

In February my heart was stolen by a cute redheaded boy who makes my world go ’round. Dear Nate, I love you. =) Also in February: Syracuse hoops beat Villanova. ‘Nuff said.

March marked the beginning of the infamous “Five Minute Photo Shoots.” For full explanation click here. If you’ve never done one with me before, let me know. Let’s do it up.

In April I learned about inspiration. You can read about that discovery here & here. I started an “Inspiration Folder” and still add to it when I find an image that inspires me. If my computer crashed tomorrow and I lost that Inspiration Folder, I’d actually be really bummed.

In May I passed my Junior year of Com Design with unanticipated flying colors. I think that led me to believe in myself a little more when it comes to the design aspect of my life. Also in May I started my summer-long internship with the Near Westside Initiative where I made a lot of connections and learned valuable information about community art projects.

June was wedding month. On June 5th, 12th, 13th & 29th I got to be a part of, in four completely different ways, weddings of a lot of close friends. Each one was so special and different and I just loved them all. I got my feet wet in the wedding photography waters when I second-shot for Alyse at Molly & Ryan’s wedding and decided I wouldn’t mind pursuing that career someday. Also in June: I turned 21 =)

In July I went to Wellsville & slept under a pitch black night sky filled with a million stars. I felt God in that moment. It was completely perfect. Also in July I had the opportunity to teach some photo skillz to the kids of the Near Westside, and consequently fell in love with them. Oh! Also in July.. BEST FRIEND REUNION! =)

In August I decided to get healthy. After three years of eating too much and not working out, my body had become something I didn’t really like looking at, let alone living in. So, I changed that. I started running (waddling at first) and eating healthy. Since then I have lost a few pounds and found a completely unexplainable love of running. I know, right?! Get me some therapy =)

Between my classes, my homework, the aforementioned running high, and my social life (?), September taught me how to stick to a schedule. And I very glad it did. Also in September was the Campus Crusade fall retreat, where I was challenged in my faith and reminded that God needs to be at the top of my list. Oh, September was also Robin & Ben’s wedding! The first wedding I’d ever shot on my own! That was HUGE. I will always be very thankful they chose me to document their day.

October.. was… Halloween? I was Miss Scarlette. Nate was Professor Plum. We were cute. And that’s all remember about October. Wait, October was when I kind of lost the vision for my blog, and then a little bumblebee on a pretty flower reminded me of what that was: noticing the small things.

In November I was reunited with my long lost love of my life: Syracuse Basketball. It felt great. Also in November: Macy’s Day Parade! I got to watch my mom tear up at the sight of the Snoopy balloon rounding the first corner. It was a sweet mother-daughter moment.

In December I stressfully passed my first semester as a senior Com Designer (PRAISE THE LORD.) And when Christmas didn’t really feel like Christmas, it took a simple phrase from a family friend to remind me that Christmas isn’t about feelings, it’s about Jesus.


So yeah. There’s my year! Learned a lot. It was fun. Anddd… Oh yeah, I’m working on a New Year’s resolution/goal list, so that will probably be up tomorrow. Or the next day. Or whenever I finish it. Kgreat.


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