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[347] Family Dinner: Norman Rockwell Style.


Dad, Mother, Megs & I braved the “snowstorm” (it’s just a flurry compared to what Syracuse got earlier this month) and trekked two hours up to my grandparent’s house for our Christmas celebration with them. For this picture, my camera is sitting on two TV dinner tables stacked on top of each other with my uncle’s wallet supporting the lens. It was precarious. But worth it. Our dinner conversation consisted of telling our favorite Christmas traditions. I do wish my cam had video so we could have recorded the stories, but, we’ll just have to re-tell them next year. It was so cool to hear my grandma & grandpa’s stories from when they were little. My grandma’s grandma used to only feed them “corn mush” and cookies on Christmas Eve, because “Everything you will eat tomorrow will be very rich.” and then they’d go to the Christmas tree in the middle of town and sing carols ’til it was time to go to bed. And my uncle Malik’s family used to line up on the stairs on Christmas morning from shortest to tallest, and since he was the youngest by a lot of years, he was always the first one downstairs to see all the presents Santa had brought.

Two things this Christmas has reminded me to love: Christmas ornaments & traditions. Or really, anything that has a story to tell.

Time to open some more presents! =)


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