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[329] Icy.

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Sometimes I go through my old blog posts and laugh at how “busy” I thought I was at the time. I wrote a long post around this time last year chronicling all the things I had to do before finals, and while I admit it was a long list, I secretly long to be back in the situation I was in then rather than in the one I’m in right now.
Here’s a few more things to add to your to-do list (you’re welcome):
1. Give yourself a pat on the back. You made it to Thursday. Which is almost Friday. Which is almost the weekend.
2. If you’re in the Land of Finals too, don’t forget to take breaks! If you’re brain is spazzing, get up from your table (at the library? Is that where normal college kids go to do work?) and take a walk, get some hot chocolate, do something else that doesn’t require to use the side of your brain that’s spazzing (try Facebook. That doesn’t require any brains at all), and then get back to work. And you know what? If you’ve been realllyyyy productive, maybe you can even sleep!
3. Send me emails! I want to make you Christmas cards (not a surprise anymore!) I’ve already starting designing some (my break from design is more design). They’re super cute. Promise.
4. Get excited for next Saturday the 18th’s post. Oh boy.

That’s all. Goodbye.

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