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[320] Semi-Crunch Time. & Other Things.


It’s crunch time. Kind of. Well. Okay, here’s the thing… Finals ain’t for another 2.5 weeks, but when you’re in my major, finals week starts 3 weeks early cuz you physically can’t get everything done in just one week. So that’s why it’s only sort of crunch time. Because I’m crunching now, but I know that the next 2.5 weeks are going to be filled with more crunching, so I’m not crunching to my full potential now because I’ll get mega burnt out real fast (but let’s be honest, I’ll get burnt out anyways). AH. Ok, yeah, so… I apologize for all that. Whew. Onto the picture, since that’s why you’re here. (My cam died & I don’t have the charger with me, so here’s a cell phone cam pic. Reflection of my dead cam in a plastic ruler I accidentally bought today. And by accidentally, I mean, I really don’t remember getting it, but it was in my bag AND on the receipt, so I must have been half sleeping when I decided I needed it. Which I don’t. but whatevs.)

Oh! Two exciting things happen tomorrow! Wanna know what? I’ll give you hints. The first one has to do with something and a half. And the second one has to do with that little surprise I mentioned in this post. K, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to hear both stories! Bwahaha, you hate me don’t you. =) Have a good day!


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