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[315] First time at the Macy’s Day Parade (that I remember).


Yeah, apparently I went when I was 7, but I definitely don’t remember that.

Mother and I got up early, made the 45 minute commute from Queens to Manhattan, and attended the (insert number here)th annual Macy’s Day Parade.

A few fun facts:
-We stood at the corner of 55th and 7th, the exact opposite corner from Starbucks.
-We stood in front of two girls from Oklahoma… And I thought 45 minutes was a long way to come to see over sized balloons.
-When the first balloon (Snoopy) turned the corner, my mom got so excited she almost started crying.
-I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the band Gloriana was on one of the floats… even though I was the only one in the crowd who knew who they even were. My scream of excitement made up for everyone else’s lack thereof.
-If I ever get to take part in the Macy’s Day Parade, I want to dress up like an acorn.

Oh yeah, here are some pictures:

(please notice the children hanging out the^ window. I was nervous for their lives most of the parade)

After the parade we went back to my uncle’s apartment where the rest of the family was making Thanksgiving dinner, helped out, had a grand old time, and ate (almost literally) a ton of good food. Thank God for family members who can cook well. Still wondering why those genes didn’t get passed down to me…

Hope ya’ll had a Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Michelle Lee permalink
    11/26/2010 5:01 pm

    So jealous! Happy Thanksgiving Steph!

  2. 11/26/2010 7:06 pm

    I had a grand 48 hours and am so thankful we went to the parade and for our family and friends.

    As for the photos, nice work. The photo of the man taking a photo of the energizer bunny is startlingly amazing.

  3. Red permalink
    11/28/2010 12:16 pm

    Haha. Wait until I go. People will think, “Why would someone come all the way from the far west to see a bunch of floating balloons?” Legend I tell you. Legend.

  4. Tia permalink
    11/28/2010 7:43 pm

    great pictures, stephie!! yes, love that one of someone taking a picture of the bun…that was a brilliant idea! Had fun with you….love you lots!

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