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[314] I really need to memorize the NYC subway map.


Wednesday [Nov 24th] marked the beginning of a Thanksgiving adventure to remember. No, really, Megs and I were trying to figure out what we did last year for Thanksgiving and we couldn’t for the life of us remember. Our fam tends to switch up where we go/who we see every year, which keeps it interesting, but also makes it hard to remember where we were which year, you know? Anyways, we eventually decided we were at our grandparents house last year, though we still aren’t quite sure. But you can bet I’m never gonna forget this year.

Wednesday: Gallivanting around New York Citayy with the mother and sister. I’m not going to chronicle it all for you because that means you’d have to read about my mother acting like she’d never seen a pile of gourmet chocolate chip cookies before, how I secretly wished I could go skating at Rockefeller center, a coffee break at Starbucks, Megs & I gawking at the amazing window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue (complete with an authentic Lady Gaga dress), window shopping, me and the sister getting into a fight and her not talking to me for the whole walk across Central Park, Megs getting lost in Central Park (she eventually found us), not being able to find the entrance to the American Museum of Natural History because the police people directed the crowds around in circles to avoid the Macy’s Parade balloons that were being blown up, buying $5 scarves at a street vendor, more coffee, mom pretending she knew how to get to Queens, wishing I hadn’t worn Converse, a few unnecessary Subway rides, thankfully making it to my uncles apartment in Queens… and… the list goes on… (actually I just forgot what happened after that.. I think I ate dinner. Or crashed on the couch).

It was a mostly-delightful day. Here are a few pics of NYC according to Stephanie.


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