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Steph & I went on a “Day 300 Walk”. Here are some pics.

We started off by following the light. The beautiful, warm, summery afternoon light.

Quick stop for a 5 minute photo shoot.

The insane sun made insane shadows. And we all know I love shadows.

Steph is in the picture too, but she’s behind me so you can’t see her. We tried to do a self-timer jump shot but failed miserably. But I like this pic.

On the way back we saw some kids from the photo program I did this summer. They’re crazy and amazing and really creative picture takers. And they remembered me! I love when people remember my name.

I hate spiders. I can only look at this picture for like 3 seconds without feeling like spiders are crawling all over me. But I do like this picture.



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  1. Tia permalink
    11/11/2010 4:58 pm

    Great pics, Steph…and can’t believe there’s only 65 days left! I’ll be sad when there’s no more Stephie pics to check out! BTW, even though I’m not big on spiders, that is a cool picture…There’s a lot of good stuff that spiders do, and mean (ie Native American spirituality).
    xoxo See you in 2 weeks!!!

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