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[274] The boys are baaaaack.


Ironically, the boys I’m talking about aren’t in this picture.

Jonny Flynn & Wes Johnson came back to the ‘Cuse with their pro team, the Timberwolves (who have a very rude mascot that likes stealing the little boys’ who sweep the courts shoes). Nate & I went to the game and sat next to a friendly family who brought their Ecuadorian exchange student to his first American basketball game. The mom asked me to take some pictures for her because the battery in her camera had died and she felt so bad that there wouldn’t be any pictures of this momentous occasion. So I took some pics and plan on emailing them to her soon.(Also: the kid in this picture isn’t the exchange student either. It’s just a random kid in front of us. I liked his jersey)

More about the basketball: Let me tell you people, a Timberwolves game is NOT a Syracuse basketball game. Nope. Not as fun. Not as crazy. That said, it was definitely nice to be in the Dome for a bball game, but I stillllllll can’t wait ’till November 2nd, SU’s first exhibition game. Dear November 2nd. Come faster. Kthanks. Love Stephanie


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