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[270] Back to my Roots.

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This is going to be long; you know, one of the random posts when I list off a bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter to the majority of you, but you’re really sweet & read it anyways. Thanks. =)

1. This Friday. Timberwolves (aka: Jonny Flynn & Wes Johnson). At the Dome. Can we just talk about how this small yet terribly exciting bit of information is getting me through this week? Kgreat.

2. MIDTERMS. Freakin’ out. I have so much to do. Which is precisely why I’m writing this long and procrastinational blog post. Yep, procrastinational.

3. Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Gettin’ me in the mood for Christmas. 74 days, people. GET EXCITED! =)

4. That picture up there: I’m actually in love with it, no matter now much I hated getting super/too close to that bumblebee.

5. I think I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist. Typing/doing stuff on my computer has been ROUGH recently. I kind of want to trade it in a get a new wrist. How do I fix this problem? And as much as I wish it was, not doing homework isn’t an option. =(

6. That picture up there, I feel, is a pretty good example of “this world around you”. The little things. Right? Isn’t that what this is about? That’s why the name of this post is ‘back to my roots’. I feel like I’ve been straying from taking pictures of the little things. I dunno… My head hasn’t been in the game the last few weeks, but I’m hoping this picture will fix that. Thanks for looking at these pics, even if they haven’t exactly been great recently. You’re awesome. Really.

Anddddd. That’s it. I really can’t procrastinate any longer. Time to plug in the tunes and get to work.


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  1. Imani permalink
    10/12/2010 3:09 am

    LOVE this.

  2. Tia permalink
    10/13/2010 3:08 pm

    What an amazing picture!!
    And I love that you make up words….takin’ after your Tia!!
    There is an accupressure point that helps with carpal tunnel. If you’re coming to NYC for TG I can show you where or you can find it online, I’m sure. Stretching your wrists by pulling back on your fingers also is good.


    Love you lots!

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