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[236] Sunsets are Cliché.


This semester I’m taking my third painting class of my college career. Even in the first two classes, we’ve always had to stretch and prime our own canvases, which requires going into studio outside of class and doing it on our own time. “Stretching” means actually stretching the canvas around a big frame and “priming” just means putting this stuff called gesso on the canvas to keep the oil paints from bleeding through the canvas. ANYWAYS all painting lingo aside, I went into studio today to do all this. Normally I put two coats of gesso on, and it takes about a half hour to dry between coats. It just so happens that the studio is on the 4th floor of the art building and my waiting time was in line with the sun setting time. So yeah, this story was basically to tell you that I had a really good view of the sunset while I was waiting for gesso to dry. So I played around and got these pictures and I’m really happy about them [my fave is the first one]. Doesn’t the last one actually look like there is fire in the sky? GAH. So cool. Gosh, I wish I was as good a painter as God is!


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  1. kathi permalink
    09/07/2010 11:38 pm

    I love your blogs, Steph! Especially when you write a little bit…I can hear your voice in your comments, and it makes me smile. :)

  2. Tia permalink
    09/09/2010 12:53 pm

    I like them all but my fave is the last one. Yes, it’s hard to capture nature’s beauty on canvas, but it can be done by some talented folks….(not me!)

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