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[215] Coffee Date & Exploring.


Dear world, LAURA’S BACK IN TOWN! And by ‘back in town’ I mean, it’s her first semester here as a grad student, but she came to visit a lot last semester because of a certain boy, so we got to hang out a few times, and now we’re all super excited to see her all the freakin’ TIME. BAM! She’s really great. And likes to take pictures, too. Which is what we did after our coffee date =)

On a more somber note: MY HEART HURTS. AH. Why did I EVER think I’d survive not going to Camp Spofford ALL SUMMER? Oh that’s right, I wasn’t thinking! I DIDN’T SURVIVE! Gah, this whole ‘not being at Spofford for at least a week of my summer’ thing has NEVER happened before. Even last summer, when I thought I wasn’t going to visit at all, I ended up being a counselor for a week. Spofford has been part of my life since I was 9 years old. TWELVE years. More than half my life! My friend Svein worked this summer, and also started his own 365, so I was really lucky to be able to look at GREAT pictures from camp all summer, and as much as I LOVED them, they also made me miss camp SO MUCH!!! I feel like I missed out on a great summer and that makes me sad :( (P.S. Sorry there are so many CAPS and !!!! but it’s a very important matter and I needed to get that across). ANYWAYS. Dear Spofford. SEE YOU FRIDAY! (For a few hours anyway. I really need a whole week there.)


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  1. Tia permalink
    08/19/2010 4:54 pm

    sorry you’re so sad hope that a few hours at camp will sort of help….
    but can’t wait to CU :-)

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