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[197] Iced Tea, Elevators & Snowman Friends.


HOLY MOLY. This weekend was fabulous. Why? I got to spend a solid 37 hours with my best friends forever. Let’s just say that when you’re used to not seeing each other for months at a time (or years in some of our cases), when you do finally get together, you go ALL OUT in the fun department. Seriously. This could include, but is not limited to: drinking too much Arizona iced tea, taking pictures in the elevator, pretending to be snowmen, sitting on large sculptures of dogs, eating hot wings and not having milk to cool your mouth off with, not leaving a tip because service is bad, getting lost in parking garages, girl talk on one hotel bed, accidentally allowing huge puddles of water to form on the bathroom floor and not feeling like cleaning it up, and… there’s more. But it’s a secret.


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